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Best Indian Food Tours in Delhi and other cities in India.
We offer private and customized Indian culinary tours, sight seeing and city walk tours in Delhi for small  groups. Duration of an average tour is 5-6 hours and includes 12-20 Indian food dishes from different places. For the tour, we will pick up from a convenient location, preferably central Delhi, guide you around the places agreed beforehand, pay for your food, drinks and drop you back at the hotel. We’ll guide you about the dishes, the way to eat them and even their history if you’d like. The tour will include not just the food attractions, but also some great landmarks and offbeat but worth visiting places of Delhi.
The tour locations are set by different areas of Delhi. Our most popular street food tours by order are in Old Delhi, South Delhi, Central, East, West and North. Depending upon which places you want to see and food you want to enjoy, we can arrange food tour of one or more than one area.
The eating part will include sampling different varieties of street food from various places in the interinery. Food is all that you can eat, but we’ll advise you to have a little of everything and enjoy the variety. We place a lot of stress on hygiene and only trusted and safe vendors which serve good and hygienic food are on our list. Apart from the usual and must see, you’ll also see some under-rated and less explored places of Delhi which very few people know about. These places are not listed on most tourist guides.

India Food Tour in Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur Program

India Food Tour in Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur Program

Delhi food tour (day 2)
  • A great way to be introduced to Indian cuisine and culture, this trip will set the mood for the rest of the trip. You will get to sample about 15-18 varieties of food dishes each with its own place in cuisine of Delhi, as you visit 10 or more food joints in Old Delhi, Central and South Delhi. The food joint that you will visit have been there since many generations and are known for their quality and taste of the food that they provide. You will visit places which are 110 to 40 years old.
  • This trip in the old part of Delhi will find you walking through the narrow medieval streets of Delhi. Here you will sample many Indian delicacies like samosa, lassi, butter chicken, kulfi (Indian ice cream), melt in the mouth kebabs and many such variants. You will see that the different lanes are marked for selling different types of goods ranging from invitation cards, spices, camera, utensils, bicycles, clothes, shoes, vegetables, etc.
Jaipur food tour (day 5)
  • We begin by having some salted lassi. As you walk in the streets of this Pink City enjoying the sights of the market, you can sample all the different varieties of food it has to offer.
  • This food tour will offer you the sampling of fragrant kachoris full of flavor and some chai which is prepared over the charcoal fire. You can also get to taste the wonderful array of Rajasthani sweets and snacks.
  • We end the day by having a large platter of traditional Rajasthani Dinner.
Indian cooking class in Jodphur (day 8)
  • In our cooking demo, you will learn some secrets of traditional Indian and Rajasthani cooking. Rajeev and his team will teach you the many aspects about Indian cooking and the things that you learnt during the previous day will prove useful here.