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Fruit Orchard Visit
Unlike a typical tour or hike to some place for sights, this trip takes you to a family run fruit orchard in Fagu near Shimla. This area is one of the biggest producers of apples in India and a lot of people in this area depend upon fruit farming for their livelihood. Most of the farms are owned by local families who work hard to get a good crop ever year. Contrary to what most people think, the work goes on for all year as the trees need constant care all year round. Some of the basic farm work includes watering, turning soil, weeding, spraying of fertilisers, pest control and pruning. Apart from these, such fruit orchards have numerous things to do like water harvesting, bee keeping, compost pits, vegetable farms, cows and numerous other essential things which keep farmers busy everyday. This farm tour helps you discover most of such activities at different times of the year.
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